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About The Creative Alchemist

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David Price (DEP) has incorporated decades of creative expertise in retail, residential, hospitality, event design, project management, and operational processes into a full-service creative consulting collaborative that offers customized services and solutions to meet your unique needs. From private residential projects and celebrations to business solutions and large-scale functions, we are your alchemists and advocates in the design of your final vision and solutions.  Regardless of your project scope, our goal is always the same: to make your personal or business needs a priority and to deliver a fun, magical experience by providing inspired ideas along with functional plans for every project. 


Your time is valuable, and your challenges are unique so DEP Creative offers a menu of creative services that address a wide range of client needs with a casual, collaborative approach that inspires without intimidating.

We know how to craft an exceptional process that transforms ideas into experiences and challenges into solutions that work best for your vision and budget. You are invited to experience the alchemy that is DEP Creative. Call to schedule a consultation today and let us see how we can work some design magic for you.

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